Our research uses principles of synthetic organic chemistry and physical organic chemistry to develop new methods and materials aimed at achieving improved organic electronic device performance.

We have three major goals that include:

          1) Developing new synthetic strategies and methods for constructing unique π-conjugated structures.

          2) Characterization of new electroactive organic materials.

          3) Achieving improvements in electronic device performance through materials design.



  • Gas Chromatograph (Shimadzu GC-2010, autosampler, FID)
  • Solvent Delivery System (Pure Process Technology)
  • analytical balances (3)
  • UV-ozone cleaning system (UVOCS)
  • Spin Coaters (2) (Specialty Coating Systems 6800)
  • Potentiostat (Princeton Applied Research 3000)
  • Semiconductor Characterization System (Keithley 4200, 2 SMUs, 1 CVU)