Prof. Mark S. Chen
Postdoctoral Fellow
U.C. Berkeley 2010-2014
Advisor: Jean M. J. Fréchet
Ph.D. in Chemistry
Harvard University 2009
Advisor: M.-Christina White
B.A. in Chemistry
Harvard University 2004
Advisor: M.-Christina White
Graduate Students
   Caleb M. Wehrmann
    B.S. in Chemistry
    Messiah College 2014
   Ryan Charlton
    B.S. in Chemistry
    Westchester University 2016
Undergraduate Students
  Kyle Ramos '17
   Kyle is an undergraduate student majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. Some of his favorite
   hobbies consists of drawing, watercoloring, hiking, and growing plants.
Kayla Jang 2017, B.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Michael Kerner - 2017, M.S in Chemistry