Prof. Mark S. Chen
   Postdoctoral Fellow
   U.C. Berkeley 2010-2014
    Advisor: Jean M. J. Fréchet
Ph.D. in Chemistry
Harvard University 2009
Advisor: M.-Christina White
   B.A. in Chemistry
   Harvard University 2004
                                               Advisor: M.-Christina White
Graduate Students
   Caleb M. Wehrmann
    B.S. in Chemistry
    Messiah College 2014
   Michael J. Kerner
    B.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    Lehigh University 2015
Undergraduate Students
   Kayla Jang '17
   Kayla is a junior undergraduate researcher. She is a chemistry major with a business minor and plans on
   being a dentist in the future. When Kayla is not in class, she partakes in many extracurriculars including
   being an admissions tour guide, a member of the Association of Student Alumni, and a Leadership
  Kyle Ramos '17
   Kyle is an undergraduate student majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. Some of his favorite
   hobbies consists of drawing, watercoloring, hiking, and growing plants.